Google moves Hotel Finder “Ad” above organic results

On April 30th Google changed the placement of the Google Hotel Finder Ad which used to sit above the paid search ads and was referred to as a “Comparison Ad” and moved it to just above the organic search results.  Google put a box around this ad, and although it mentions “sponsored”, they also left the background uncolored (usually these ads are colored to denote something different from organic results).

Below is a screen shot of what the page currently looks like above the all-important fold when searching on Google for the term New York Hotels.

Google Hotel Finder Ad
Google repositions Hotel Finder Ad – Good news or Bad?


Many news organizations that follow the Travel Industry and Google’s increasing presence within it, picked up on this story.  We’ve included the links to these stories and blog posts so you can read for yourself what the buzz is all about.

The interesting thing is, most of these organizations who are following Google in the news, don’t even know that Google has opened up the ability to work with hotels to get their pricing and inventory inline next to the OTAs who are bidding for the hotels’ name.  Google doesn’t work with individual hotels, they leave that up to companies like ours, Woodcrick Ventures, to get the hotels on-board with this program by using technology that is already set up and approved to push the hotel rates and inventory seamlessly to Google’s travel planning tools.

Below are the links to articles on this subject – but when you read comments like; “Why isn’t Google giving this opportunity to hotels”, you’ll know – they ARE, they just aren’t promoting it because you must go through a technology partner.

Why is Woodcrick the best choice?  We offer this technology for only the cost of a click (CPC), and do not charge any additional transaction fees or commission.  Also, there is no need to change booking engine providers which makes us a flexible & cost effective partner.

Contact a Woodcrick Ventures Representative today to find out just how easy it is to get your hotels’ rates and inventory listed on Google Hotel Finder, Google Maps, Google Places and Google search!

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