Video: Google Hotel Price Ads Program – Let Us Get Your Hotel Connected

Find out how we connect your hotel to Google’s new Hotel Price Ads Product using our advanced Seekda technology.  We’ll push your real-time rates and inventory from your existing Channel Management system, CRS or PMS seamlessly into Google’s vast distribution network for only the cost of a click!

You’ll save (and make) your hotel more bottom-line revenue as you compete directly alongside the OTA’s who are buying your hotel name within Google’s powerful search engine, where studies show that 3/4 of all travelers start their search!

Customers would rather buy from the hotels’ own website instead of getting routed to an OTA site, especially after they’ve already had the chance using this travel planning tool to compare your product against other hotels in the area, price range and including the amenities they are looking for – and have decided on your hotel!

Watch our video to find out how you can capture more direct bookings by getting your rates and inventory on this channel…


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