Introducing Gold Partner: Birddog Solutions


Jenny Mendoza, Sr. VP Strategic Development
Woodcrick Ventures, Inc.
Ph: 858.663.2369

Woodcrick Ventures, Inc. is Proud to Announce the Addition of Birddog Solutions to Our Gold Partner Roster

San Diego, CA November 16, 2012 – Woodcrick Ventures, Inc. has added Birddog  Solutions to its growing team of strategic partners promoting Google’s Hotel Price Ads products aimed at increasing independent hotels and hotel groups’ bottom line profits through direct bookings.

According to founder and CEO, Harry Jarbath, “Birddog Solutions is excited to partner with Woodcrick Ventures, Inc. to offer Google Hotel Finder Ads to the hotel industry and help hoteliers to finally bypass the OTA commissions they’ve just had to live with,  in the past.   Now, with the launch of Hotel Finder and the ad service we offer with Woodcrick, hotels have the opportunity to compete alongside the OTA’s and get more direct bookings to preserve revenue and capture their guests’ information and loyalty directly.”

Birddog Solutions is finding that property management groups and hotel managers are excited to hear about Google’s new hotel search tool, and especially to know that they can utilize Seekda’s technology to leverage it to great benefit.

“Birddog Solutions has earned a trusted position with its hotel clients. We are very pleased that the new partnership between Birddog Solutions and Woodcrick will further our mutual mission to provide hotels with direct connectivity to all the Google travel channels and hotel products thus increasing their bottom line from direct bookings.” said Craig Wingate, CEO of Woodcrick Ventures, Inc.

About Woodcrick Ventures, Inc.

Woodcrick Ventures, Inc. is the worldwide representative of Seekda which provides advanced lodging industry technology and is one of the few partners selected, audited, approved, contracted and certified by Google to provide hoteliers the opportunity to participate directly in Google’s Hotel Price Ads program. Seekda’s technology, deployed in nearly 5,000 hotels across Europe, is now available to hoteliers in the USA exclusively through Woodcrick Ventures, Inc. Hoteliers worldwide can quickly have the direct connection to push real-time rates and inventory to Google with no required changes to existing vendors, relationships or infrastructure. Hotels benefit with a cost savings, since the CPC paid is a fraction of the cost of booking these same Google users through OTA or GDS channels For more information, visit

About Birddog Solutions

Birddog Solutions, based in Austin, TX, provides a variety of unique products and services to the Hotel and Hospitality industries in order to help their clients capture more booking revenue, increase mindshare among their guests, and reduce workmen’s compensation claims. For more information, visit



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