Introducing Gold Partner: Charlie Portman


Jenny Mendoza, Sr. VP Strategic Development
Woodcrick Ventures, Inc.
Ph: 858.663.2369

Woodcrick Ventures, Inc. announces a representation partnership with veteran marketer Charlie Portman

San Diego, CA November 14, 2012 – Woodcrick Ventures, Inc. has added  Charlie J. Portman to its team of strategic partners promoting Google’s Hotel Price Ads products aimed at increasing independent hotel’s and hotel groups’ bottom line profits through direct bookings. The launch of Google’s Hotel Finder has generated a significant amount of discussion in the travel industry, especially since Google has begun placing the tool prominently in natural search results.

I believe that will be the leading direct booking source for independent hotels in the very near future.”, stated  Charlie Portman,  the newest Southwest representative for Woodcrick’s Google Connect product.   ”I am excited to be in a partnership with Woodcrick as I believe that the Google Travel Products will do for Hotels what Cable did for Television.”

“This partnership furthers our go-to-market strategy of utilizing visionary partners to bring immediate solutions to hoteliers and hotelier groups looking for an opportunity to be early leaders in the Google Travel Products offerings.” said Craig Wingate, CEO of Woodcrick Ventures, Inc.

About  Charlie Portman

Charlie J. Portman is  a former cable industry sales and marketing executive  who has been developing his skills in hotel business management and internet marketing so that he can service the hospitality industry as a marketing specialist. Now aligned with Woodcrick Ventures and the Google Travel products, he looks forward to serving his customers as they grow their transient sales via this exciting new online sales channel. He maintains a  belief that will be the leading direct booking connection for independent hotels in the very near future.

To contact Mr. Portman, email him at or call (619) 884-8472.

About Woodcrick Ventures, Inc.

Woodcrick Ventures is the worldwide representative of Seekda which provides advanced technology that has been one of the few partners selected, audited, approved and contracted by Google to provide hoteliers the opportunity to participate directly in all of Google’s travel products and programs. Seekda’s technology has been tested and successfully deployed for over 4000 hotels in Europe. Beginning in 2012 it is now available to hoteliers in the USA exclusively through Woodcrick Ventures. Hotels can now have direct control of their real-time rates and inventory as well as have consumers view their direct booking connection online with all the OTAs on these popular Google searches and products… all at a fraction of the cost of booking these same Google users through the OTA or GDS channels. For more information, visit



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