Press Release: Woodcrick Announces Integration With EZYield


Jenny Mendoza, Sr. VP Strategic Development
Woodcrick Ventures, Inc.
Ph: 858.663.2369

Woodcrick Ventures, Inc. announces platform integration with EZYield

San Diego, CA. June 25, 2012  Woodcrick Ventures, Inc. has added EZYield to its portfolio of fully integrated connections to the Seekda platform.  This expands the number of Hoteliers able to seamlessly push rates and inventory to the Seekda booking engine and most notably, our connection to Google’s new Travel Products: Google Hotel Finder, Google Maps, and Google+ Local (formerly Google Places).

Until recently, Independent Hoteliers interested in adding their lowest price and inventory to Google’s Hotel Price Ads and Google’s new Promoted Hotels products had no direct access to this bidding platform.

Seekda is one of the very few advanced technology providers that has been selected, audited, approved and contracted by Google to provide hoteliers the opportunity to provide real-time rates and availability alongside the OTA’s also bidding for the hotel owners’ name in Google searches.

Our Seekda connect product enables Hoteliers to efficiently manage price and inventory in  real-time as they would any other distribution channel, (but without paying commissions or transaction fees), then have these direct sell rates seen on popular Google searches where travelers frequently start their search.  This new connectivity with EZYield makes the entire process seamless for hoteliers who choose to use EZYield’s FusionLink Channel Management system to push their rates and inventory to Seekda’s platform for Google searches.



Hoteliers have the ability to push their sell rates via EZYield’s platform and the only cost associated is the cost of a click, saving hotels thousands of dollars per month in commissions, margins or transaction fees often categorized as “the cost of doing business” with OTA’s and similar distribution channels.  Woodcrick CFO Tim Bullock says, “Hoteliers will dramatically increase their profitability through the direct bookings from the dominant Google channel and enjoy the low cost CPC (Cost-Per-Click) pricing that is currently being enjoyed by the OTA’s.  We look forward to showing hotels just how much they can save each month”.

About Woodcrick Ventures, Inc.

Woodcrick Ventures is the worldwide representative of Seekda which provides advanced technology that has been one of the few partners selected, audited, approved and contracted by Google to provide hoteliers the opportunity to participate directly in all of Google’s travel products and programs. Seekda’s technology has been tested and successfully deployed for over 4000 hotels in Europe. Beginning in 2012 it is now available to hoteliers in the USA exclusively through Woodcrick Ventures. Hotels can now have direct control of their real-time rates and inventory as well as have consumers view their direct booking connection inline with all the OTAs on these popular Google searches and products… all at a fraction of the cost of booking these same Google users through the OTA or GDS channels.  For more information, visit



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