Google's Travel Vision - Google Hotel Finder videos and more

Below is a video from the recent THINK Travel with Google conference held in Singapore.

Rob Torres from Google Travel is the presenter and he’ll explain a little about the Google Travel Vision.  Google is trying to solve the issue of making it easier for people to travel…not only during the search & planning phase of the trip, but through the entire travel experience, including social sharing and eventually taking all the Google tools with you on your trip via mobile.

Rob explains that over 80% of travelers conduct a search when looking for a travel component.  The average traveler searches 18 times during 8.5 sessions before booking a single component of travel.  Over 20% of every search through Google is a term or query that Google has never seen before – which means that people are searching for unique and new terms (including long tail keywords), often looking for video and images on whatever interests them for their upcoming travel experience.  Since so much searching is going on just for one trip, Google strives to provide relevant results allowing the user to find what they are looking for easier and faster.

When Google introduced Hotel Price Ads in late 2010, this helped solve some of the search problems.  Hotel Price Ads feeds into the Google+ Local (formerly Google Places), Google Maps and more recently into Google Hotel Finder products which allows users to click to compare rates and check availability across different booking sites without having to open multiple tabs or windows, the user is then able to click to book, all within a single Google search session.