Gold Partner Program

Woodcrick is inviting select organizations who have members, partners or clients that are hoteliers and have an active interest in bringing this opportunity to these hotels allowing them to seamlessly connect their pricing and inventory to the Google Hotel Price Ads program.

If you are a…

  • Hotel Marketing Consultant
  • SEM Agency
  • Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
  • Tourism Organization
  • Hotel Product Supplier
  • Or if you have hotels as your clients

…you may qualify to join our Gold Partner Program.

Now, for the first time, organizations like yours with hotel clients, constituent or member hotels, have the ability to offer the opportunity to directly connect to Google’s hotel initiatives with real-time pricing and inventory instead of participating only through 3rd party OTA channels that are costing the hotel 18-35% of bottom-line profits. By utilizing seekda’s advanced technology, hoteliers can offer  rates and availability directly to consumers through the highly trafficked Google travel network at a fraction of the cost – AND pay no commissions, no transaction fees and no booking fees.

This is something your hotels want, and they are likely looking to your organization for direction, advice or guidance. We provide you with the tools to deliver this opportunity to your clients, while earning referral compensation for your organization. The one-time integration fee may be discounted for your hotel clients based upon the volume of hotels you sign up. Please inquire with a Woodcrick Representative today to see if you qualify to be a Woodcrick Gold Partner.

View current Woodcrick Ventures Gold Partners here